Jacobs Savours Cracker Assorted


Jacobs Savours Cracker Assortment


A selection of flavoured cracker from Jacobs.  In 4 flavours “rosemary and sea salt, sesame and roast onion, salt & cracked black pepper, and sweet chilli”.  I like these crackers, my favourite is the rosemary and sea salt,  but they are all quite good, light and crispy and have a good flavour which is not too strong.  These are perfect for sharing at a dinner party and go wonderfully with pate or cheeses.  Each flavour is individually sealed inside the pack which keeps them fresh, but annoyingly they are not labelled which crackers are which.
Each 250gram pack is suitable for vegetarians, vegan as far as I can tell.   There is no calorie information on my pack.

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